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Case study: HR integration at a global technology company

Case study: HR integration at a global technology company

Adam Gates, Head of Odgers Connect, speaks to Fay Thompson, an independent HR consultant, on her recent assignment to manage the people transfer process in a global change programme for one of the world’s largest technology companies

One of the leading global technology companies acquired three smaller enterprises to expand their data centre operations as part of an on-going world-wide growth programme. These separate entities needed to be integrated simultaneously and re-branded to establish the subsidiaries as part of one united European organisation. Within this extensive operation, the transition and integration of the workforce had to be diligently planned as the transfer of people needed to comply with internal and external practices and regulations.

The company turned to Odgers Connect for an independent HR consultant who could undertake the integration project and execute a seamless transition of people from the three subsidiary brands so they would sit within the wider all-encompassing European business. Through Odgers Connects’ partnership with MCR (, the client appointed Fay Thompson, a highly experienced HR consultant and senior member of MCR’s team. Having worked with IBM, Sony, Vodafone and Telehouse, she came equipped with people transfer, change management and stakeholder management skills attained from her work with other global technology companies. Fay was hired on a 6-month assignment to project manage the UK employee transfer and integration within the European business change programme.

As an HR specialist, Fay was primed for planning and managing an integration programme. Her work was supported by the internal HR teams as each country had its own operation. Fay had to ensure that the UK work was aligned to the TUPE legislation that governed the legal aspect of the transition and that the deliverables were project managed simultaneously as part of the wider European transition programme. 

Early in the project, Fay advised the company that a key success factor for the project was Change Leadership. This would require the executive and management teams to drive organisational change by engaging people. Fay saw the opportunity to develop the Change Leadership skills and behaviours across all levels in the organisation. 

With the approval of the Group HR Director, Fay planned specific targeted training workshops and lunch and learn sessions.  The Change Leadership workshops will be attended by the Executive Management Team, Senior Managers and People Managers and will introduce attendees to the skills and behaviours needed to lead change effectively. It will also enable a greater understanding of the nature of change and how to transition individuals and teams through change. The lunch and learn sessions were to be led by senior executives and attended by all employees.  The objectives were to help employees understand what the integration means for each of them, seek their feedback on the integration, engage them in the change process and provide the opportunity for them to engage with colleagues in other areas of the business. The sessions will also enable more transparent conversation about change and provide clarity regarding the direct impact the integration will have on each employee.

Fay’s capabilities and expertise as an HR consultant enabled her to foresee a crucial component to a successful change programme; critically the required change leadership capabilities. Successful delivery of this will ensure the people and culture aspects are at the centre of the client’s integration efforts. 

For more information please contact Adam Gates.

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